Good Job

Someone on my team received some negative feedback from a client today. As their manager, I was copied on it as well. So I leapt into action! I reached out to the team member… and told her what an awesome job she’s doing.

For one, it’s true. She’s an absolute rock star and a huge asset to the team. But more importantly, she’s earned my trust many times over. She’s gotten yards upon yards of good feedback and positive reviews. So one piece of negative feedback isn’t a pattern. It’s not something that needs to be specifically attacked.

And I know that anyone that cares about their work has a tendency to internalize even small bits of negative feedback. It was important that she not hear that from me.

If you’re someone that manages people, it’s so so easy to fall into the trap of thinking that every minor bit of negative news is a chance for you to put on your leader hat and get to work. But leadership has to be consistent, not laser-focused at the bumps in the road.

Some things are “teachable moments,” but this wasn’t one. And it’s good to get an instinct for which is which.

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