Preparation for Perfection

Today was just one of those days where it’s absolutely perfect to be a father.

Lazy lounging morning with egg sandwiches and snuggles. Then snowball fights and snowman building outside. When it got too cold and wet, hot chocolate and arts & crafts in the kitchen. Then a movie night and home-cooked dinner (devoured by kids that had worked up quite an appetite). Bath, books, bed.

Just perfect.

The thing is, I planned a lot for this day. I knew the weather was coming, so I had snow gear prepared, as well as a staging area in the kitchen for pulling it all off without making a mess. I had bought disposable tablecloths for the arts and crafts. Fixings for hot chocolate and meals the kids love. Everything squared away so I could say “yes” to as many requests as possible. So that we could engage with the day.

There aren’t too many days like this in your life, but there are some. Perfect ones, just waiting for you to engage them. Don’t get caught unprepared when they happen.

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