Meet & Greet

I really love meeting new people. Not only is it an enjoyable experience, but like anything else, it’s a skill you can get better at.

Having an interesting conversation the very first time you interact with someone is a fantastic ability. It keeps you enthused about meeting people over and over, which has nothing but positive effects on your life. And if you’re interested, then you’re interesting as well. That helps you get to conversation #2 and beyond.

I’ve found that it’s not really about asking the right questions. It’s about presenting yourself in such a way that the other person feels comfortable giving interesting answers. Anyone can write down a list of unusual conversation-starters, but if the person you’re talking to feels like they’re being interrogated or you’re just checking questions off a list in order to seem interesting (rather than genuinely being interested) then they won’t open up.

Don’t just meet people – let them meet you. Your genuine self is worth getting to know.

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