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Nest Cafe ~ Cafe Nido

Tiny turkey-tail-like mushrooms growing on a tree,
Bellevue Botanical Garden parking lot

Have you ever noticed how rare it is to find a personal blog that lasts for several years, with new posts published regularly?

Many a time I have searched a topic on Google which led to a helpful blog post on the topic, say about a grammar rule, a specific restaurant, or exotic fruit. A memorable or funny post will have me browsing the archive to see what else the blog writer has published. Often, if the post is from 2005 or 2015, there will be no more posts after a year or two. I guess it’s hard to keep up a blog. It’s natural to get distracted or lose interest in maintaining it.

I recently came across one blog that is, stunningly, updated with a new post *every* day. It’s The Opportunity Machine, written by a…

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