Means, Motive & Opportunity

Motivation is measured in terms of your distance from the very bottom. Put simply, the closer you are to the flames the harder you’ll climb.

Opportunity is how far you are from the top. If you have nowhere to go but up, your life is filled with practically nothing but opportunity.

Taken together, most people who aren’t in a position of great fortune already have lots of opportunity and lots of motivation – at least naturally.

What they often lack is means.

“Means” can mean a lot of things. Finances. Education, or skills. Social capital; a network.

With enough motivation and the right opportunity, you can overcome the lack of means – or gain means, for that matter.

But if you are a person of moderate fortune yourself, consider the impact you can make with just a very small investment. A tiny percentage of your means, invested the right way – teaching a skill, lending some finances, introducing someone to your network – can do absolutely tremendous things for someone who has everything but.

If you have the opportunity to improve someone else’s means – I hope you’re motivated to do so.

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