Some people would rather have no choices than have to regret making the wrong one. People are relieved when a choice is made for them by fate or circumstance.

If someone has the option of choosing one of two meals at a restaurant and they can’t decide, they’re thrilled when the waiter says “I’m sorry, while you were deliberating we ran out of one of the options. You can have the other one.” Even if the meal ends up being terrible, at least they didn’t “make the wrong choice.”

Except of course they did.

They waited. They gave up power to the universe. That’s always the wrong choice.

Do you know why the restaurant ran out of the better option first? Because it was the better option, duh. And people who made choices for themselves picked it. And then what was left over went to people who didn’t.

Making choices, intentionally, gives you the opportunity to make good choices. Whatever life leaves you with as the passive result of avoiding choice is rarely the thing you would have picked if you took the initiative. But avoiding choice isn’t avoiding responsibility for the decision.

It’s just being responsible for a bad one.

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