There’s Always Someone

It’s not an iron-clad rule, but in general, if something is manufactured for sale then at least one person is buying it.

So it stands to reason that if there’s a twenty-nine thousand dollar couch shaped like a cactus that exists for sale, at least one person has bought it.

If you can’t fathom the state of mind or existence that would be required for the purchase of a twenty-nine thousand dollar cactus couch to seem like a great or even normal idea, then just remember how vast and varied the human race is.

Most people sort of have this conceptual idea of an “existence space” that covers the range of possible human experiences, and they think of themselves as roughly in the middle of that. That is, they recognize that other people are different, but they think the range of those differences only extends about as far out as their local knowledge.

The reality is, most humans on Earth might as well be space aliens to you.

Take that for what it’s worth – but for me, I’m glad of it. It’s interesting, for one. And it generates a whole lot of interesting energy that mostly gets put towards solving problems, from which I benefit tremendously. And while I probably won’t ever buy a cactus couch worth twice as much as I’ve ever paid for a car, I’ll certainly do a lot of weird things that I can’t imagine today, and which someone else in the world might think ludicrous.

The world is rich, and we are richer for it.

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