You’re Already Doing It

The difference between achieving a particular goal and not is often just a matter of organizing and structuring the activities you’re already doing.

Every once in a while someone will comment on the fact that I write here every day, along with a sort of sentiment that they couldn’t do the same. But in almost every one of those cases, that person already writes something every day!

I can almost guarantee that you write something every day. Social media posts or comments, text messages, work emails. In some capacity, you’re probably typing words onto a screen at least once between each time you wake up and each time you sleep.

Deciding to do that in a slightly different context is all it takes.

This is true of a lot of things you might want to do! You’re already moving and lifting things. You’re already taking money from one place and putting it in another. You’re already buying food. The actions themselves aren’t alien to you – they only haven’t become exercise routines, saving regimens, and a healthier diet because you haven’t organized them as such.

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