Preempt the Negative

Two events is a pattern.

That’s an oversimplification, but there are certain times when it’s very accurate. One of those situations is when you pitch something frequently.

This happens if you’re in sales, obviously. It also happens if you’re actively job hunting (pitching yourself). It happens when you have to commonly make the same asks of people in any context. Many of those people will object or have excuses, and something you’ll quickly learn is that there are no unique ones.

Once you’ve heard two or three objections, you’ll never hear a new one again. In very short order, you can discover the common resistances.

Then – you preempt them.

If you answer an objection with an explanation, it just sounds argumentative and fake. If, however, you anticipate the objection and answer it before it gets raised, you take the wind out of the sails of your opposition.

Figure out why you’re getting rejected from jobs you interview for (how? ask!). Then, figure out the counter to that reason, and put it everywhere. In your applications, your resume, your cover letter, your online profiles, your interview answers. Everywhere. Make it absurd for anyone to ever raise that objection again, and they never will.

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