Walk It Off

How frequently do you accompany your serious decision-making with some light but consistent physical activity like walking?

In my experience, there are two vital components to good decision-making. You must gather correct information. And then you must have calm clarity when evaluating that information.

For that earlier stage, the most important thing to remember is that until you have enough information, that’s the only thing you should be doing. Don’t judge, evaluate, or deliberate – yet. Just gather. Find the pieces. Take notes.

When you’ve reached the point where relevant information is no longer coming in waves but a trickle, stop. Diminishing returns won’t help you, and you can deliberate until the day you die if you really want to, so now it’s time for phase two: The Walk.

You have the information, so stop trying to make the decision with all the negative physical and environmental distractions around you. Drink water, eat a light meal, put away electronics and go walk around outside. Wander a while. Take only the decision with you as a companion.

Those steps are vital, and their order is vital. You can’t make a good decision without information. But you can’t process that information from a cramped, dehydrated, tired, hungry, noisy and flashing cage.

Remember those steps, and make better decisions.

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