If You Get Lost

If you ever get lost in the woods, build a house. Now you’re not lost anymore – you’re home.

My life is, in many ways, is radically different than it was just a handful of years ago. Sometimes I look around and I don’t recognize it. I’ve gained a lot! I’ve lost a lot. Things have changed.

Plant a flag. Grow some roots. Build a house. Whatever it takes to make the place you are into the place you should be.

I am not at all good at this. I’m a fixer, not a settler. If I had lived during the frontier days of America, I think I would have had a major problem – the allure of what was over the next hill would always have been more attractive than whatever land I was supposed to build a farm on.

Exploration is good. Ambition, drive, adventure – all good. But there’s a balance; the other side of the scale. A place to return to. Even if we’re not talking about a physical one.

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