The You That You Want to Be

Somewhere out there is a version of you that is just waiting for you to become it. That version is happier, more successful, more fulfilled, healthier.

Many people envision this, but they think that the pathway to that version of themselves is full of secret twists and turns, and if they just discover what they are, they’ll be able to become this happier, successful, fulfilled and healthier version of themselves.

The pathway is more obvious. In order to get to that person, you have to become happier, more successful, more fulfilled, and healthier. When you’ve done that enough, you’ll be them.

And that person has still another version of themselves that they want to be.

You live and die every day. There are no moments you get to keep, no plateaus to conquer and hold. This is one of those truths where you can either fight it and be miserable your whole life, or you can embrace it and already be halfway to the version you want to be. But you can’t change it. Life only stops exactly once.

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