Once More With Feeling

We are biased, emotional, irrational, borderline insane creatures.

It’s good to recognize it.

It’s good to work against it in yourself.

It’s not good to complain about it.

Look, you can gripe all day long about how other people are all of those things, wishing all day long that your fellow humans were all perfect calculating machines (and along the way, not-so-subtly implying that it’s only other people who are like that, not you, nuh uh), but the reality is that you’re not going to un-program a few hundred thousand years of evolution and biological impulses.

But you can study those things, learn their patterns and trajectories, and then move out of the way.

You can complain about the rain while standing in it getting soaked, too. Or you can have enough sense to read up on the common signs that rain’s a’comin’, and go inside when it happens. If you get really savvy, you can even learn how to put out a few buckets to collect rainwater. Now we’re talking.

People have feelings and they act on them, news at 11. Control your own as best as you can, and then learn the patterns of everyone else’s. That’ll do a lot more for you than complaining.

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