Great Heights

I’m about 6’1″. Once you’re an adult, height doesn’t vary much, so any time I’m measured it ends up within a half an inch or so of that number.

So imagine my surprise one day when I was in for a routine physical checkup and the nurse recorded my height at 5’6″.

I pointed out that I was pretty sure that my height hadn’t changed, and she laughed when she realized what had happened – the ruler chart thing had been hung on the wall incorrectly and was about six inches higher than it should have been, resulting in a half-foot inaccuracy. I was the first to use the newly-hung ruler and so the mistake was swiftly corrected, and we had a good chuckle.

Here’s the lesson: your height doesn’t change because someone else’s ruler is broken.

Your value doesn’t change because someone else can’t measure it correctly.

What you have, what you can do, what you bring to the table – some people need it, some people don’t. And some people do need it, but their measuring tools are inaccurate because we’re imperfect people and so they make a mistake.

That mistake doesn’t take so much as a millimeter off you, and don’t you forget it.

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