Teaching Confidence

There are few qualities I admire in others more than a strong student mentality. Someone who continually seeks to learn and absorb. It’s a vital component of growth, happiness, and success. Far too many people just let the “learning” part of their brain atrophy, and that’s a shame.

There is a potential pitfall, however, that people with strong student instincts can encounter. Sometimes if you’ve committed to being a lifelong student, you can also mentally trick yourself into creating a false “student/teacher” hierarchy in your world, and devalue yourself.

After all, much of your early life is spent both learning by default and in a position of relatively low authority. So if you choose to continue being a “student,” you may accidentally feel like you’re continually also a “novice.”

But those aren’t the same!

If you’re a dedicated learner (and if you’re not… why are you reading this of all blogs?), make sure you’re taking time to teach. Pick things that you know or are good at, and share them with others.

This does two things: one, it helps the world. Always a noble endeavor! But two, it creates confidence in yourself. If you teach others, then you begin to appreciate your own knowledge.

The flow of knowledge should be in all directions, after all. Gain and give.

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