I Can Do This

“I Can Do This” is an incredibly powerful phrase. It’s not just a positive overall sentiment – it’s also instructions on exactly how.

  1. “I” – no one else. You have agency, you are in charge. No one is coming to rescue you, you don’t have a fairy godmother, but you do have unlimited wishes, as long as you work for them. The understanding of your own power and responsibility in all things will lead you to great heights. Focus on what you bring to every challenge.
  2. “Can” – you are able, but not guaranteed, to succeed. Effort is required. Life makes no promises to you, but your ability is bounded by your imagination far before it’s bounded by the laws of physics. Push yourself.
  3. “Do” – not ‘think about’ or ‘deliberate on.’ Action is required. Movement. The solution to problems lies in making real changes to the universe, not in worrying or dreaming.
  4. “This” – not ‘these things’ or ‘everything.’ One discrete task. A laser focus on accomplishing a very specific thing, with all your powers aligned to the task.

Each individual word of this phrase carries instructions and wisdom, and together they form a belief in yourself and a foundation of positivity that can move mountains. I may have found my favorite phrase ever.

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