Differently Good

Everyone is unique, but from our perspective, it’s everyone else that’s unique. We’re “normal” – the standard from which everyone else deviates.

That’s a natural thought pattern, but it can often lead to you undervaluing your unique skills or contributions. (Think about how no one thinks they have an accent – only other people have accents!) But no matter what you’re good at, you’re good at it for a unique reason. You have your own approach and methodology.

Identifying it is the tough part. You don’t think you have an accent, even though you do – and you don’t think you have a unique methodology for your skill set, either. You think you do things the “normal” way. Self-awareness is a virtue – step back and examine what you do. Talk to others and see how you differ.

And then strike the word “despite” from your vocabulary. Too often when someone does identify a uniqueness in their work, they say, “I’m good at X, despite the fact that I do it in this unusual way.”

No way! It’s because you do it that way. That’s your value-add! There is no normal way of doing things. There are statistical averages and groupings and so on, but the reality is that every single person has a spin.

Identify yours, and it becomes that much easier to demonstrate it and present it. Your differences are why you’re awesome.

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