Clear Some Space

One of the most important things to do when setting a goal is clearing enough space in your life for its achievement.

(“Space” can also mean, well, “time,” at least in this context.)

Your life has a finite capacity. You do things, you have things. If you want to add to a particular area of your life, then you have to make sure you have room for the machinery. Do you want to be healthier? Then you have to have actual time in your schedule to work out, room in your home for exercise equipment, stuff like that.

I’ve met people who talk about wanting to have kids – and soon! – but their homes are filled wall-to-wall with expensive, breakable stuff. Every corner is used for something that they’d find indispensable. Every second of their day is scheduled, packed. There just isn’t space for kids in that life, no matter how much you want them.

If you clear space for a goal, the goal will expand to fill that space. If you clear a whole room of your house out and say ‘this room is reserved for a nursery,’ and you do likewise with 2 hours each day, spending them only on parent-related things, then a child is way more likely to appear in your life.

It’s the same with any goal. If you want to grow your own vegetables, you need a plot of land. Without that, all the intention in the world won’t help. Clear the space for the things you want – and start by clearing out the things you don’t.

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