A Dash of Disaster

Generally speaking, a perfect score isn’t a desirable goal.

If you have a 100% perfect attendance record at school, you should skip a few days. You’re missing out on other things, and the life outcomes for having a 100% attendance record are identical to having a 95%. If your close rate as a salesperson is 100%, then you’re definitely not being bold enough, and you’re missing out on great opportunities. If everyone likes you, then you’re boring.

The point is that a “perfect score” in anything probably requires so many more sacrifices than a 90%, but the outcomes will be largely the same. Or if they’re worse, they’re worse at 100%! Consider: you can get a 100% close rate as a salesperson by only even attempting to sell to complete lay-ups, but you’ll get maybe two sales a month. Meanwhile, closing at half that rate but pitching ten times as often will net you way more success.

You need a pinch of failure, a smidgen of sorrow, a dash of disaster. If you aren’t experiencing that, then it’s a sure sign that you aren’t taking enough risks, trying enough new things. You’re leaving too much behind in the name of safety.

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