First Thing Tomorrow

I’m not a huge proponent of procrastination. Under normal circumstances, I find that attacking tasks sooner rather than later is often the optimal strategy.

Often. Not always.

Because look, some kinds of projects or tasks are best suited to certain kinds of surrounding times and circumstances, and the next optimal window for a particular task might be tomorrow morning.

Some people are at maximum creative energy first thing in the morning and are really terrible writers in the afternoon. So if a writing task comes up in the afternoon, assigning that task to the next morning isn’t procrastination, it’s productive.

The biggest challenge is not to let procrastination disguise itself as productive task assignment and slip into your mind as a trojan thought. Procrastination is still a negative; sometimes there are simply exceptions. But when the exceptions become the default, you’re in trouble.

The best thing to do – even if you’re planning to “assign” a task to a later date, do something to start it now. Well begun is half done, and even something as simple as opening up a new file and putting the title at the top of an otherwise blank page can anchor the task as something that needs doing, not something you’re putting off. Remain in control – even if you’re yielding that control to the you of tomorrow morning.

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