Wide Angle

The collection of things you’ve done in the past are not ingredients for a specific, singular meal. They’re utensils and cookware you’ve collected, with which you could make many things.

When people view their progress through time, they often feel as though they’re walking down a steadily-narrowing corridor. With every passing day, the possibility space decreases as more and more options are whittled away by the knife of time.


It’s the exact opposite. You’re not walking down a steadily-narrowing corridor, you’re walking down a rapidly-widening one! With each new day, you wake up more capable than the day before. More opportunities are available to you because you know more things, more people, more ideas. Your life’s choices haven’t been coiling around you, constricting like a noose. They’ve been opening doors left and right.

The only thing narrowing your pathway is you. Your belief that your past must somehow define and dictate your future. It certainly can do that – if you let it. But the control is yours.

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