Profound Meaning

Sometimes, things just happen. There isn’t a lesson in everything. But part of my nature is to look for lessons, every time – I always feel like if enough happens to make it a story, then there’s enough in the story to draw a moral. So if I can’t find one, I often just default to assuming that the meaning must be so deep, so incredibly profound, that it simply escapes me. What actually ends up happening is that I am awed by random gibberish. But so what? My world is more interesting if the random gibberish awes, rather than annoys or frustrates.

When I was at the cemetery, making burial arrangements for my father, the cemetery employee helping me at one point lifted up his pant leg to show me the Van Halen tattoo he’d recently gotten on his calf. This man, in his 50s, had gotten the tattoo only a few years ago when Eddie Van Halen passed away. For some reason, I did not find this event at all strange. This seemed like a perfectly normal situation to find myself in, at the time.

Today, out of nowhere, this bizarre memory popped back into my brain and now feels like a somehow deeply important experience, though I couldn’t begin to tell you why. But I’m sharing it, just in case it turns out to be.

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