New Month’s Resolution – February 2022

Happy New Month!

This month is my middle child’s birth month – she’ll be turning five in a few short weeks. Just today she helped me assemble some furniture and made me realize that all three of my children are advancing in their capabilities even faster than I anticipated. And I’m already a very “kids are capable” sort of parent!

So my resolution this month is to push even further. I want to unleash my little heroes on the world, and the sooner the better. I want to give all three of them more tasks, more things they can do on their own. I will always be there to guide, to catch, to advise – whether they’re five or fifty. But they’re brilliant, competent little adventurers and I want to do nothing more than open doors for them and let them run. So this month, my goal is at least one major “new” thing for all three of them.

Wish me luck – not them, they don’t need it.

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