Never Stop Swimming

Today, I took my kids to the aquarium. Lately, they’ve been really into sharks, endlessly requesting books, documentaries, and other information about them. So I decided to surprise them with a trip – we’re fortunate enough to live only a few minutes away from a really great one.

I’m really glad they learned a bunch about sharks and other cool ocean life. But that wasn’t the central lesson I wanted to impart with today’s trip. The central lesson, one I want to teach over and over, is that if you’re into something there is an endless supply of information about it just outside your door.

Don’t let idle interest be idle! If you think something is cool, dive in. It doesn’t even take much effort! Take advantage of the age you live in – information is everywhere. That’s what I want my kids to know: not just that the world is full of wonder, but that wonder is right there, and it will never run out as long as you never stop reaching for it.

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