Don’t Be Insulted

I’ve found that people with the greatest sense of entitlement also tend to be the people most likely to take personal offense at the innocuous actions of others. Certainly, on occasion, someone may actually intend to offend you. But it’s pretty rare – far more often you’ve simply taken the information you didn’t like and decided it was an attack.

There are lots of reasons to train yourself out of this habit if you have it. Besides the obvious one – that you’re probably wrong – there are plenty of reasons not to react this way even if you’re right!

Whenever anyone does, well, anything, they’re offering you information. Information is helpful. If someone gives you a job offer that you perceive as “insultingly” low, storming off in a huff and slamming the door isn’t doing you any favors. Did this person intend to insult you? Probably not – so why not discuss and discover why your visions are so misaligned? You don’t have to even consider accepting the offer, but talking through it might get you some valuable tips about how to better position yourself for the next one. Or it might help them see that they’ve misjudged the labor market and adjust their offer!

Heck, even if they did intend to insult you, they can’t hurt you. So stick around, find out why they’re such a jerk. Maybe it can help you avoid more jerks in the future.

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