Enjoy, I Shall

Today, I have been a father for ten years.

My oldest, my first, the perfect gift that changed my life in a way nothing else ever could was born on this day ten years ago. I have spent the last decade attempting to live up to that monumental responsibility.

I look at her today, and I feel as though I’ve done a very good job. She’s amazing. She’s kind, noble, and heroic. She’s honest and caring. She’s a warrior, an artist, a scientist. One of my fears as a parent was always that I would push my children so hard that they’d become bitter or stressed, and when I see all the things my daughter does – her excellent grades, her many extracurricular activities, all her hobbies – that fear increases. But today, I asked her what the biggest takeaway from her first ten years on this planet was. This is what she said:

“Spend a lot of time with your family, and relax and enjoy life.”

So you know, I think she’s managing just fine. She already has more than enough personality, talent, and heart to handle all that she’s doing and all that she’ll do. I couldn’t be prouder; she exceeded my every expectation. Happy Birthday!

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