Skip the Embarrassment

Today, while walking with my daughter, she slipped her arm into mine and asked me to skip with her. A sidewalk along a busy road, all those people! Oh no, what if I get embarrassed?!

Hahaha, just kidding. That stuff never even crossed my mind, I just started skipping. Why would I be embarrassed?

I’m not immune to embarrassment. I just have a good handle on what people will actually think. If I was in a situation that might genuinely lessen others’ respect for me, I’m sure I might feel (or at least fear) embarrassment. But what are people actually going to think when they see me? “Oh, look at that jerk, playing in the sunshine with his daughter! Capturing the sublime beauty of the all-too-fleeting years of childhood and fostering a stronger bond with his family! Pssssh, but he looks silly, what a loser!”

No one thinks that. You wouldn’t think it, either. Heck, as I skipped along the road with my daughter, people applauded. Obviously, this is good parenting advice – indulging your kid is more important than imagined social standing – but it isn’t just good parenting advice. It’s good advice everywhere. People want to cheer and support. No one cares if you skip, so skip caring.

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