Everything you have ever wanted is locked behind an unbreakable door. The unbreakable door has, however, a very simple lock. It is unlocked simply by doing things you don’t want to do.

That’s it! The healthy physical form of your dream? It’s locked behind a door that is opened by diet and exercise. The date you want? It’s locked behind a door that is opened by going up to the person and asking them out. The dream job? Behind a door unlocked by hard work. The wealth? Behind a door unlocked by financial responsibility.

Here’s the thing – you probably can’t max out every value in your life. But If you’re not going to unlock the door, stop pining for what it hides. The door is unbreakable, but it isn’t mysterious. The second you say “I don’t want to do that,” you’re just saying “I don’t want what’s behind that door.” You don’t have to want everything! I don’t judge anyone for what they want or don’t want.

But I’ll judge – rightly – anyone who sits in front of the “Health” door drinking gallons of soda pop and eating candy bars while complaining that the door is locked.

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