Today I attended a TEDx Talk live. Six speakers gave their insights on a variety of topics, and unlike every other TEDx Talk I’ve ever watched, I got to be present in the room instead of watching it on YouTube.

It was wonderful. These sorts of events – pure speaking for the sake of idea transfer – give me incredible joy.

Listening to people talk about their thing, from their perspective, without any specific prompting or input from me creates an amazing space for my brain. It’s pure reception without navigation. Interest without agenda. This unfiltered flow of new viewpoints catalyzes new ideas at an incredible pace for me.

I encourage it! Watch documentaries almost at random. Pull books off the shelf without much concern for topic. The key isn’t the information you receive. It’s the ideas you generate as a result of your brain firing on all cylinders. Which it definitely doesn’t if it’s just processing familiar information into the same old buckets. So go out and find information so new to you that you don’t even have a bucket for it yet. That bucket will end up filling with gold.

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