Three Years

Happy anniversary to me!

I don’t really ascribe much importance to annual anniversaries, but it’s nice to reflect on the fact that I’ve continued to grow this particular garden. It’s borne a lot of interesting fruit in the last year; I’ve been paid to write more and had a few other interesting opportunities come my way specifically as a result of the writing. I’ve had more people reach out to me in a positive way about something they read here, and even had some requests. It’s been an opportunity to connect.

Thank you very much for reading, for being a part of this. I write primarily for myself and for my children (who I hope will someday be glad that their father recorded his thoughts like this), but the positive externality is the connection I get to build with so many other people – near and far, known and unknown. Thank you for being one of them. I hope that connection always grows.

Until tomorrow, my friends.

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