There Is Always A Thing

You can’t limit yourself to what’s possible. This isn’t some hippy nonsense about dreaming things into existence, either. This is extremely practical advice, and I’ll tell you why:

You have no freaking idea what’s possible. In fact, forget about “possible“. You have absolutely no freaking clue, not even the slightest idea, what’s already happening right now.

So if you limit yourself to what you THINK is possible, you will be limiting yourself to only interacting with about 0.001% of the stuff in the world.

“Wouldn’t it be cool if…” It is. It is right now. However you’re about to end that sentence, go Google it, and it’s already happening. It started six years ago, someone is already making money from it, and it’s gone through three permutations.

There Is Always A Thing. Today I read a story about an organization that has saved thousands of lives by getting hotels to donate their old soap (you know, the bars you open while you’re there, use once, and then leave 90% of the remaining volume on the sink for housekeeping to – usually – throw away), which they then melt down into new bars of soap and give to kids in developing countries so that they can cut down on hygiene-related diseases that kill thousands of people a year. Hahahaha, what a ridiculous thing! Someone thought, “Wow, look at that gross bar of used soap on the hotel sink, what a waste, what should I do with that?” And then they saved thousands of lives.

There are billions of people in the world. You don’t know what that number means. When you read it, in your head, you pictured a crowded subway station or something like it, which means you pictured a few hundred people. You can’t even conceptualize what billions of anything looks like, let alone how billions of thinking minds, each existing for decades, will think and act and invent every single day of their lives.

So of course, what you think of as “possible” is vastly, vastly less than what is true.

So don’t limit yourself to “possible.” Just start with the assumption that absolutely every single thing you could ever think of is not only “possible,” but is already happening right now and the people doing it have a seat for you if you want to do it, too. If you think that about everything, you will be right a thousand times for every time you’re wrong.

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