Small Priority, Big Priority

If you really want a happier life, here is simple (though not easy) advice:

If something is a bigger priority in the “long term,” the big picture, your whole life – then make sure it’s a bigger priority in the day-to-day, too.

“Priority alignment” will make you happier. If you care more about being healthy than about being wealthy, then don’t skip the gym to work overtime. If you care more about your family than your video games, then don’t skip the reunion to shoot zombies.

You don’t have to go 100% – you can still shoot zombies and work overtime. Just make sure you’re doing those things less, and the important stuff more.

And hey – do both! Play Super Mario with your nephew. Work from home on the treadmill. Harmony is good.

But don’t work against yourself. If you say something is important, believe yourself.

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