The Second Trophy

The first time you accomplish something amazing, it feels amazing. The second time, even if you complete the exact same amazing accomplishment, it feels… okay?

It doesn’t matter how objectively incredible the actual accomplishment is. Because there is no objective measure of “amazing.” Picking up your foot and putting it back down in front of you without falling on your face is a pretty simple task that you do thousands of times a day without even thinking about it, but the very first time you did it the people who love you went absolutely bananas.

Accomplishing anything new pretty much serves two purposes. One is “proof of concept.” You climb Mount Everest to prove that you can. The other purpose is to start a habit. You take your first step because you want to take millions more.

So when you take your second step, and the cheering seems to drop off, even in yourself – do not despair. If the accomplishment is no longer shocking, then that means you’re doing exactly what you want to do. What once was incredible is now routine, because you’re incorporating the incredible into your everyday. That’s the way to an amazing life.

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