Growth Beyond Sight

The more things grow, the less you can observe them. This can often feel like chaos, like things are getting out of control – but it’s just the natural evolution of things. It’s what you want.

When your children are tiny, you have pretty much 100% control over every second of their lives. They’re with you constantly, they’re not exposed to anything you don’t filter, and so on. You also have to work pretty constantly (sometimes against them, it can seem) to keep them alive.

You don’t want this to last forever! That would be a nightmare.

But the more independence they gain, the more independence they have.

If you start a business with just yourself, it’s the same thing. The more it grows, the less you can see and touch directly. The more you have to trust your prior self to have embedded the right behaviors into the growth. And when it feels most painful, most stressful, just remember – the stress comes from you trying to hold on tighter.

When it takes the most strength to hold onto the kite, that’s when you do the most damage by doing so. Let it go; it’s ready to fly.

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