Rush Big, Wait Small

I shake my head when I see people speeding along the highway, weaving through traffic like a race car driver. I shake my head not only because it’s dangerous, but because it’s dangerous for so little gain. If you manage even 20 MPH faster, you save what, 60 seconds on most drives? Wiped out by one red light.

The point is, people tend to rush and be reckless when there’s virtually no gain. In those moments, a leisurely drive or stroll will do so much more for you.

Huge projects that have multi-year timelines can benefit enormously from a 5% efficiency gain, but these are the very projects where people don’t rush. The same people who push past others at the airport in order to board, 30 seconds early, a plane that will still take off at its appointed time (if you’re lucky), are the people that don’t want to contribute 5% more to their investment account.

On a day to day basis, slow down a little, and live a happier life. On a year-to-year basis, speed up just a tad, and live an easier one.

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