New Month’s Resolution – July 2022

Happy New Month!

It is not a coincidence that my resolution this month is to be more independent. In fact, before realizing that today was the 1st and thus I needed to make my NMR post, I was going to write a whole thing on how we undermine our own independence in ways we should learn to avoid – so look for that tomorrow. But for today, I will leave you with my steadfast resolution to find at least one new way to lessen my dependence.

And by the way, “dependence” is not synonymous with “connection!” There’s a frequent misconception that being “independent” also means being isolated, atomistic, and a loner. I disagree. I think it simply means what it says on the tin: you are less dependent on others for your safety, your wellbeing, or your happiness. And I believe, under those conditions, your bond with others strengthens. When you know that I’ve chosen to make you a part of my life despite not needing to do so, it becomes more sincere.

That is what I strive for. Independence and sincerity. May you all get a little more of the same.

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