There Is A Season

Sometimes you find yourself saying “now’s not the right time.” Usually, in response to some suggestion of an activity, you might say this because you have a general sense of unease about it. As a rule, “general sense of unease” isn’t a great lodestar without some refinement.

When someone wants to challenge you on that statement, they might say, “why not?” But that’s the wrong question. The right question is: “when is the right time?”

That’s the right question because if you have a genuine answer for that, then that answer will include the answer to “why isn’t now the right time.” And if you don’t have a genuine answer for that, then you don’t really feel like now isn’t the right time – you have some other reason for not wanting to do it at all, or else you’re just letting fear or some other negative emotion get in the way.

So the next time you find yourself saying that you definitely want to do something, but “now isn’t the right time,” challenge yourself to specify when the right time is, and commit to doing it at that time. If you can’t – then just do it now!

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