A snowglobe has a few ounces of water in it. Somewhere between 50 and 100 little flakes of fake snow. You shake it, and the little flakes swirl around.

You know what’s interesting? None of those components change. It’s completely sealed; a closed system. The water doesn’t change, the flakes don’t change. Nothing new is ever added, nothing is ever removed.

And yet, every single time you shake it, something slightly different happens. The swirl of the snowflakes is never exactly the same. The movement of the water is unique each time. Shake it a billion times, and that will always be true.

When we feel like we’re stuck in a rut, we so often want to rush out and pull all these new things into our lives. There’s nothing inherently wrong with new things, mind you, but they need space – physical space for physical objects, time for experiences, attention for interests. All things you have in finite quantities. If you don’t have a solid system to clear out as much as you bring in (and few people do), you end up with clutter and chaos, causing you even more stress. Stress you feel like you need to escape, so you look for something new…

You don’t always need that. Rearranging the things you already have can be wondrous. Give your life a new shake – go to the same places in a different order, move your furniture around, call three of your existing friends from different circles to all hang out. Before you try to cram more into your existence, let what you already have swirl a few more times.

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