Targeted Forgetfulness

Here is a superpower: the ability to instantly forget discomfort once it’s over. The very instant it’s not affecting you, it’s gone from your mind.

Why is this such a wondrous ability? Because people spend incredible time, money, and effort just to avoid the most temporary of discomforts. They spend hundreds of dollars on a hotel room they’ll stay in for nine hours, when a terrible room was fifty bucks. They’ll buy a neck pillow at a gas station for an hour-long car ride. Stuff like that.

Look, just be uncomfortable. It’s amazing. You become so efficient, you’re able to navigate life so effectively, if you can just be okay with some temporary discomfort. The long-lasting things? Your home, your office? Make them comfortable. Make them pleasant. But don’t spend that same effort on something so fleeting.

Learn to forget it. To let it slip away. And learn to remember that you will forget it, so it slides away that much more easily.

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