When a storm is coming, you batten down those hatches. You prepare to weather the storm. But there are all different manner of storms. Paying attention to the signs that one is coming and preparing accordingly can save you.

Two major signs of storms that people tend to ignore: a major storm has just happened, or you’re planning for something very good at some point in the near-ish future.

If a storm has just happened, your resources are depleted. You used up provisions during the storm and you tapped resources to repair after. That means you’re vulnerable now until the stores are replenished. Tighten the belt, work more, and be cautious with risks.

Likewise, a major good thing (or project) that you plan to do will tap those same resources in the future. That means if those resources vanish due to a storm now, the storm does even more damage than it otherwise would. So be careful.

Pay attention to the trends in your life. There will be ups and downs, but they’re manageable. Know when to harvest, and when to hunker.

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