Two and Together

I always wonder what makes it likely for two people to connect. The “secret sauce” that causes two (or more!) people to really vibe together.

I’m not talking romantically, either. I just mean “connect” in some way that causes a more-than-casual relationship. I’ll see two people that I know, but that don’t know each other. I’ll think, “wow, these people have such a similar vibe; they both like A, B, and C and incorporate those things into their lived values – I should introduce them!” And I often will, but… nothing. They’re happy to have met, thankful of the introduction, but nothing really happens.

In my head, I was imagining grand partnerships, new business ventures, joint projects, maybe even deep friendships.

“Having things in common” simply isn’t enough for all of that (or any of that) to reliably manifest. Of course, it’s also quite possible that I’m simply wrong in my limited perception of two people “having things in common,” but even if I’m dead-on it wouldn’t be enough. So what is?

What is it that makes people “click?” What makes two people think that their lives would be sufficiently enriched by the other to the point where they put in the required effort to create a sustained reaction?

I don’t have the answers to this, but I love the question. It’s something I want to pay attention to more closely.

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