Will, Want, Get

Wanting something takes more effort than getting it. Hemming and hawing over a decision doesn’t get you closer to making it.

When you think you might want something, immediately start working towards it. The work will help sharpen your decision. You’ll either decide that yes, you do want it – and then great, you’re closer! Or you’ll decide you don’t, and oh no you made extra money or whatever.

So much of how to think better is just to do it less. Thinking is its own worst enemy if you waste its power on every little detail, draining its strength with minutiae. Stop forcing your amazing brain to manage all these little details that are beneath it. Put that stuff on auto-pilot.

Chores and details shouldn’t be the domain of the will. They should be outsourced. Write stuff down, keep a calendar. Put your habits in there and stop thinking about them. Don’t constantly battle yourself. Leave your brain the room to work with the good stuff.

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