Can I Help You?

The title of this post was typed entirely by my middle child, The Squish (she also typed the word “Squish”). My youngest, my son Buddy, then typed this part: hhhhiiiii

As soon as they saw me sit down to write, they raced over: “Can I help you?”

The answer to that should just always, always be yes. Not just with kids. With anyone. There are few things that can build stronger relationships than accepting the help that’s offered.

The world is absolutely full of people who want to help you. Some want to help you because they want something for it, but that doesn’t make the offer less genuine. Some want to help you even though they aren’t really able to, but they want to just be there with you during your own journey.

Sometimes it’s just a bored sales associate in a department store and helping a genuinely pleasant and appreciative customer will be the highlight of their day.

Look for ways to help others, certainly. But don’t forget to let others help you.

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