Killing Hyde

Dr. Henry Jekyll didn’t set out to create a potion that would turn him into a maniacal lunatic half the time. That was the experiment going wrong. What he was trying to do was create a serum that would take all of the nasty, horrific parts of us – the parts that became Mr. Edward Hyde – and separate them. His thesis was that his chemical would, in fact, create a Hyde-like character, but that it would be a separate entity from Jekyll.

Why did he want to do this? In the book, he wanted to create his Mr. Hyde so he could kill it.

When we have fear, anger, malice, despair, or anything like it – we bury it. We hide from it. We push it down and fight against it. We think we’re stopping it from taking us over, but we’re actually giving it all of its power.

99% of all fears evaporate if you not only say them out loud but talk through the actual sequence of events you’re afraid will happen. If you allow your fears to manifest a little, you can see how weak they really are.

Then you can kill them.

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