If It Bit Them

It is vital that you think about what you want in a neutral time and space. Before you even have options, you should focus on your desires as an inner conversation.


Because the stuff you don’t want constantly launches itself at you and tries to convince you that you do, while the stuff you do want sneaks up on you and you won’t even notice unless you knew to look.

Think about the old adage, “don’t grocery shop hungry.” If you do, you end up buying nothing but overpriced, flashy junk on the eye-level shelves with colorful packaging. If you’d made a list, on your own, of what you wanted to cook for the week while you were still home, you’d have gone in and found those things, even if they were tucked away.

This is true about everything. People take horrible jobs because they come with a fancy logo on them. They date terrible people who ‘clean up nice.’ They buy impractical, costly cars because of a good sales pitch. All these things happen because you decided to get before you decided what you wanted.

Most people wouldn’t know what they truly wanted if it bit them, so take the time to think about it in advance.

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