Half a Cup

The most persuasive appeal for vegetarianism I’ve ever heard was “Meatless Mondays.” Instead of trying to convince people of the moral imperative or health benefits of a total conversion, the pitch was simply: try skipping meat one day a week.

Many people do this accidentally anyway, this just makes them conscious of it – and lets them feel good about something they were either already doing or could do easily.

Seven people skipping meat one day a week is the equivalent of one full vegetarian, in terms of impact. And it’s much easier to accomplish!

Plus, there are large spillover effects. In the same way that “one pushup” is a great goal because you’re incredibly likely to do more once you’ve started, “Meatless Monday” can turn into more surprisingly quickly.

Pick a change that’s been daunting you. Try making a fraction of that change. Trying to quit smoking? Start with “Smokeless Sundays.” Drink too much coffee? Try getting half a cup instead of going cold turkey.

Direction is more important than distance or speed. Enjoy your half a cup.

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