Different People

Most of the wonderful things in your life will be as a result of crossing paths with other people. Most of the terrible things, too.

Two puzzle pieces are allowed to not fit together without either of them being “bad.” The puzzle pieces didn’t do anything wrong, they just belong in other parts of the puzzle, with other pieces. We all fit together eventually.

That means if you find yourself mismatched with someone, you shouldn’t automatically look to blame one person or the other. You shouldn’t expect a fix. You shouldn’t internalize it as your own fault or something you could have done differently.

You should just take it as wisdom to learn more about the shape of yourself, and the shapes of different people in your world.

People are funny, and they’ll frustrate you. They’ll save your life and they’ll make it hell. They’re wonderful and complicated and damaged and silly and cruel and hurt. And so are you.

Doesn’t make them bad. Just makes them different. Find your different people, the ones with the shape that fits with yours – and remember that almost never means they’re the same shape as you are.

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