Careful Imbalance

While it’s important to maintain a sense of balance in your life, that doesn’t mean every day or season must be the same. It’s important to maintain a balanced diet too, but that doesn’t mean every meal has to have the exact same mix of protein and vitamins. You can have eggs for breakfast and salad for lunch and still be balanced overall.

Likewise, some seasons in your life will require that you upset the balance of things you find important for a time. It’s necessary to have the right mix of family, intellectual pursuits, meaningful work, physical activity, and interpersonal relationships in your life, but you don’t have to do those things in equal measure every day. In fact, there may be times in your life when you have to radically emphasize one of those at the expense of others. It’s okay to take time away from your work to be with a dying family member, and it’s okay to miss your workout for a dear friend’s wedding.

Be careful with your imbalances, and regress to the mean often. But don’t be afraid of the ebb and flow – that’s just the way your ship rocks along its journey.

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