Think Small

People sometimes dream so big that they sabotage themselves. They have lofty dreams and ambitions – which are good! But they think exclusively about them, instead of the tiny action they need to take today to make it happen.

Look, I get that if you have a major problem or a major goal, the tiny, 0.1% action you take towards it can feel so far removed that it actually feels like you’re moving away from it. You feel like mowing lawns for money is a distraction from becoming a millionaire.

But it’s the opposite. Thinking about being a millionaire is what distracts you from becoming one.

Dream big, to set the goals. But once the goals are set and the actions decided on, you should only allow yourself to think about the goals themselves every now and then, to revise and reevaluate. If you allow yourself to do nothing but think about the finish line, you’ll feel like the short steps are beneath you, or are taking you in the wrong direction.

Dream big, yes. But think small.

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