Life Preserver

Whether you realize it or not, certain things are keeping you afloat. Some of those things are pretty solid and healthy, things like community or family. Some of them are shaky at best, like a job or caffeine habit. And some of them are downright unhealthy things to cling to in icy waters.

Take a look around you and think about which things would do the most damage to you if you lost. Then take at least one action to make that thing more secure. If it’s a relationship with another human, thank them. If it’s your beloved pet, take them in for a checkup. If it’s your home, revisit your insurance.

And if it’s something you’d rather not be so dependent on, then start to wean off of it. If the only thing keeping you going is a pack-a-day cigarette habit, then you need to quit before the rug gets pulled out from under you and you have to.

The water pulls us all down. We all need something to float on. Stay dry.

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